Color And Texture Of Pigmented Concrete In Bathroom Space

Color And Texture Of Pigmented Concrete In Bathroom Space


British company Kast has launched a new version of its traditional pigmented concrete sinks. Since concrete is an extremely versatile material, which combines the characteristics of natural stone with the ability to be molded in different forms, the products show carved surfaces with highly defined textures. The exploration of their linear patterns ranges from smooth horizontal ripples to diagonal folds or 'sharp' and vertical grooves. The organic variations in the colors and textures of the surfaces create a different aesthetic that comes directly from the character of the material.

The three-dimensional surfaces, together with the soft and rustic texture of the concrete, invite touch, while the play between light and shadow increases the dynamism of each piece. Including 28 pigment options and a strong retro influence, the series delivers a variety of configurations for bathroom design.


Source: Arch Daily

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