Beoplay H9i x RIMOWA

Beoplay H9i x RIMOWA


Rimowa And Bang & Olufsen Have Made A Sleek Pair of Headphones Perfect For Traveling.

For many of us, myself included, headphones are an absolute must when packing for a trip. Finding the right pair, whether for your adventures or daily use, is often a long road. But for those who value craftsmanship, aesthetics, and quality, a collaboration between leading luggage manufacturer Rimowa and high-end Danish electronics company Bang & Olufsen may yield the perfect pair that you’ve been looking for.

While Bang & Olufsen has previously worked with other brands, like bringing their excellent sound quality to Audi’s automobiles and HP devices, and has dabbled in limited-edition collaborations with other heavyweights (there was a speaker collection with David Lynch last year), Rimowa is no stranger to such partnerships that have become popular over the past several years. More recently they’ve teamed up with zeitgeisty labels like Supreme, and Off-White, capitalizing on their cult followings and selling out products instantly. But with this upcoming partnership Rimowa shifts its attention back to craftsmanship, appealing to a discerning buyer that seeks the finest in every aspect of his or her life.

The limited-edition Rimowa x Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H9i headphones are made from anodized aluminum and genuine leather, combining quality and comfort. And with a growing desire for wireless electronics and having everything at our fingertips, the over-ear set is cordless and also has an innovative touch interface so that users can easily adjust the volume level, switch between tracks, and answer calls. But what really makes these great for both everyday life and travel is that they’re noise-canceling, a must when being transported in close quarters with other people. (Now you’ll easily be able to drown out the talkative couple behind you on that 7 a.m. flight.) To protect and house the headphones it comes with an aluminum case, a nod to Rimowa’s iconic bag and an added bonus if you like to match your accessories.

To bring together two luxury brands of this caliber is no small feat. Rimowa revolutionized how producers and consumers thought about luggage with its signature aluminum bags in 1937 and made waves once again with the introduction of polycarbonate in 2000, a material that is is now ubiquitously used in rollers for its lightweight and durable attributes. Bang & Olufsen has pushed the boundaries of audio technology since 1925 and its products are highly coveted for both excellent sound quality and a timeless Scandinavian look. They are both highly regarded in their respective industries and have proven over the past several decades that they create products that are reliable and that last, without compromising on design. But that does mean it all comes at a premium, and bringing this duo of powerhouses together is no different. The Beoplay H9i headphones command a $900 price tag, but for those who want it all, it’ll pay for itself.


Source: Forbes

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