Boucheron’s 2021 High Jewellery Collection

Boucheron’s 2021 High Jewellery Collection


Boucheron’s extensive jewellery archives have provided the inspiration for creative director Claire Choisne for this year’s new collection. ‘A History of Style’ looks back to the Art Deco period, rethinking the sleek lines and monochromatic palette synonymous with the jewels of the 1920s.

These design notes have manifested themselves into a collection which is based on simplicity and a play on androgyny. These are pieces created to be worn in a multitude of ways for women and men. Jewellery resists classification – a necklace, which could be a tie, nods to both the relaxed silhouettes of the flapper years and the masculine style of the chic Parisienne. The onyx, black lacquer and emerald central motif of the necklace can be detached and worn as a brooch.

In another piece, baguette and round diamonds on a sliver of white gold ribbon trace a chevron pattern, an adornment which can be a belt for a tuxedo, a headband, choker or bracelets.

Traditional men’s accessories are given a teasing twist throughout; a bow tie, striped in white diamonds and black lacquer, will look elegant worn pinned in the hair or as a ring. In other pieces, Choisne’s favourite emeralds take centre stage, either set horizontally and laced with onyx for the sharp V of one necklace, or teetering on a rock crystal mounting in a showstopping ring.


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