Piccarini x Pininfarina Sail Catamaran Capitolo Is Art on Water

Piccarini x Pininfarina Sail Catamaran Capitolo Is Art on Water


Multi-hulls present a series of advantages over single-hulls, with smoother sailing, more stability, higher efficiency, and faster speeds being among them. At the same time, they also offer more space on board as compared to same-size single-hulls, but require special marinas to dock and are more expensive to build.

For those looking for their next yacht, a catamaran is a sound choice if money is not an issue. In recent years, solar-electric cats have seen a steady rise in demand, what with more of the one-percenters looking for more environmentally-friendly ways of exploring the world.

This concept, from transportation/naval designer and Italdesign Giugiaro intern Samuele Errico Piccarini, is also that. But it comes with an extra dose of high luxury, in the unmistakable “less is more” Pininfarina design language, which makes it a stand-out in a sea of mostly forgettable renders. Sure, it’s still vaporware, but it serves to show what could be done for an owner with bottomless pockets and the right designer on the task.

Speaking of the owner, he is fictional billionaire Ryu Cardoso, who just happens to look like handsome actor Ken Watanabe (lol). Born in Portugal to Japanese parents, Cardoso is the CEO of the family’s textile business and works as a part-time jujitsu teacher. He is 45 years old and is married, but has no children. His friends’ group includes only a handful of people with whom he shares hobbies.

Cardoso is a highly-educated, well-traveled gentleman, and the Capitolo cat he uses for his seafaring is a reflection of that. He loves reading, writing, photography, and classical music, and is into jujitsu, yoga, and free swimming.

A fictional yacht for such a fancy fictional gentleman is the embodiment of restraint. He’s not into flashy stuff and overcrowded spaces but favors the less is more approach by Pininfarina. Capitolo stands out for sparse interiors, dimmed lighting, and minimalist furniture, and finishes in what looks like real marble and precious woods.

But the highlight of this 70-foot (21.3-meter) catamaran is, without a doubt, its see-through hulls. Piccarini doesn’t go into the specifics of the project, but the renders show a large bedroom in one lateral hull and the master suite in the other. It looks like he’s making ample use of the generous space available to create double-height rooms.

Right next to the guest bedroom is the formal dining room, and there’s a generous sundeck aft, as well as what looks like a lounge under the fly deck but could also be some sort of sauna. In keeping with the owner’s mixed cultural heritage, another small lounge area features real sand, stones, and vegetation. Meanwhile, the fly deck doubles as wheelhouse and also offers excellent panoramic views.

Daytime and nighttime renderings show just how stunning Capitolo would look due to the see-through hulls. Piccarini doesn’t specifically say so, but one assumes this is some type of smart glass. First of all, the interiors would get extremely hot and stuffy if the glass didn’t darken to block out the sun. Secondly, while it’s human nature to want to show off – especially when you’re the lucky owner of such a beautiful vessel – it’s impossible to imagine a man as sophisticated as this fictional owner would want others to see him going number 2 in the bathroom.

Last but not least, Capitolo is a sailing catamaran. This frees up space that would otherwise have to be used for solar panels and renders it noiseless and emissions-free. Like most sailing vessels already being used right now, this too would have generators for backup.

On a final note, almost every concept out there does its best to stand out – even those without a chance of being built. But few others present such a stylish, utterly elegant, and gorgeous package as the Capitolo.


Source: autoevolution

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