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In design, we often need to take care of two opposite principles at the same time, release while controlling, lift when putting down, retreat when advancing, and break while continuing. At a time when the characteristic of most of the start-up areas tends to be unified, how to create the architectural form of ‘not stacking symbols and not monotonously repeating’ through the combination of traditional culture and modern aesthetics will be a widely discussed proposition. We hope to find a way to really make the design bigger while smaller, lighter while heavier, deeper while lighter, and more modern while traditional, because all elements can finally find a way to coexist, and all exploration is essentially a lovely fantasy for the next wave.

This project is located in Haikou City, Hainan Province, and is used as the exhibition center and sales center of the project plot, leading the spiritual outlook of the whole plot. The owner hopes that the building will give consideration to both functional and aesthetic needs, reflect the local architectural features in style, and at the same time, not lose the modern popular characteristic.

At the beginning of thinking about the design, we determined to dig deep from three aspects to shape the distinctiveness and uniqueness of the building, which can not only meet the needs of the owners but also add some innovative attempts to the design style and technique.

We dug up the special cultural symbols from the local characteristic buildings and created a changing indoor light sense through dismantling methods while forming a more ‘distinctive’ symbolic appearance.

Because the land is long along the city display surface. We hope to design a plan with a strong sense of transverse strength, to control the lightweight through a flowing white railing, to add modern architectural vocabulary, and to coexist harmoniously with the suspended roof of the body.

Finally, some elements with rich local architectural and cultural characteristics are harmoniously used in the design of building facades while meeting the structural needs.

Because of Hainan's climate characteristics, we hope that the program can have more indoor and outdoor integration. Different from the straight streamline line of the traditional exhibition center, we try to upgrade the main exhibition function to the second floor through a section of gray space that blends inside and outside.

Hainan's local traditional buildings are relatively transparent and light, and attach importance to the interaction with natural elements. We hope to extend this concept of flexible space enjoyment to the use of this project and create a series of experiential spaces with interest and enjoyment.

In the use of materials for the main building, we have chosen a combination of materials corresponding to the local architectural style in Hainan. The roof and main body used wood veneer materials to listen to nature and approach ecological Hainan. White and mirror metal materials are used in the local application, which enhances the aesthetic feeling of the modern industry and outlines the whole with simple and bright lines. In addition, high-permeability glass is used to strengthen the virtual-real comparison and rhythm change, so that the building simultaneously exhibits artistic qualities such as brightness, lightness, nature and rich culture.

Modern design and traditional culture are not contradictory, each attempt is a new understanding and taste. The natural transition between the external facade shape and the interior space brings soft and changing light to the interior, resulting in different experience atmosphere.


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