Highlights From The Collect Contemporary Craft Fair

Highlights From The Collect Contemporary Craft Fair


Collect, the contemporary craft fair, opens for its 15th edition at the Saatchi Gallery tomorrow, with a smorgasbord of high-level craft by living artist. Price rise to over £100,000 for the top-end museum-quality pieces; here’s our pick of the best.

Big Jade Line, a balletic, ribbon-esque cast-glass piece by Karin Morch, £6,750, Vessel Gallery.

Textured ceramics are a trend at this year's fair; this piece looks almost like stone. Node in 3 by Claire Lindner, poa, Ateliers d'Art de France.

Japanese artist Natsuki Kurimoto uses an eco-friendly form of styrofoam and coats it in urushi lacquer, made from tree sap, with stunning results. The Spirit of Water by Natsuki Kurimoto, styrofoam, hemp cloth, Japanese paper and urushi, £4,200, ESH Gallery.

East-London glassblower Jochen Holz has gained a following of fans of his lampworked, playful vessels, made from durable borosilicate glass in jewel colours. Penguin jugs by Jochen Holz, glass, £230, Flow Gallery.

Humble materials - such as paper - being used in innovative ways is a feature of this year's fair. Here, corrugated cardboard is combined with silver and steel. Bird by Ritsuko Ogura, corrugated cardboard, £1,400, Katie Jones.

Paper is also employed by Eastbourne-based weaver Ismini Samanidou, who incorporates it into her Bauhaus-inspired wall hangings. Drawing (detail) by Ismini Samanidou, silk, cotton and paper, POA, Petronella Silver.

Linoleum is another unexpected material being used in inventive ways - particularly in the hands of Dutch studio MKGK, where lino offcuts and other reclaimed materials have been transformed into furniture. Bound Stool by MKGK, linoleum, oriented strand board (OSB), rope, £2,029.

Inspired by broken china, Livia Marin's resin pieces have a surreal quality. Broken Things by Livia Marin, resin, £1,450 Jaggedart.

Nic Webb works with scorched wood to create delicate vessels that belie their material. Hod by Nic Webb, wood, £6,875, Sarah Myerscough Gallery.

Joseph Harrington makes rugged cast-glass forms inspired by coastlines, made using his own 'lost ice' process, whereby he carves the ice into blocks and uses salt to create an eroded texture, then makes a direct cast in glass. Gabbro III & Moss, by Joseph Harrington, cast glass, POA, Joanna Bird.


Source: Telegraph

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