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Luxurious Magazine has a truly global readership and is the ideal platform for luxury brands to publicise new products or increase brand awareness.

How large is the Luxurious Magazine audience?

We are frequently asked this question and honestly we do not know the answer, however we feel sure that very few privately owned media organisation on a ‘like for like’ basis can claim to have a larger audience than we do. For example, our partnership with MSN extends our reach to a huge audience in Asia. The articles that appear in the magazine and on the website are generally syndicated via dedicated luxury sections on selected MSN portals with their individual country audience figures amounting to many millions. For example, Luxurious Magazine appears on MSN Singapore, this is the most popular portal in that country, it has 1.9 million registered users in a country with the highest percentage of millionaires in the world, two other standouts where Luxurious Magazine is syndicated are the ‘Tiger Economies’ of Malaysia and the Philippines, both of which again have many millions of users. In November 2013, our online lifestyle audience on MSN was 9.79m.

The following additional information about how we reach and generate our audience should validate our position as one of the leaders in our specific market sector.

Our website

Our website has been voted as one of the best luxury websites in the world by the Good Web Guide. Our large audience is generated via our top ranking for the generic phrase ‘Luxury Magazine’ on the Google search engines, a loyal global following, our free Apple news app and close relationships with many leading luxury brands and individuals.

Luxurious Magazine and social media

Luxurious Magazine is one of the leaders in our market sector on global social platforms, for example we have one of the most popular luxury pages on Google Plus and are very popular on Youtube, we also have presences on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc. Our following on Google Plus exceeds many of the worlds largest brands, international TV networks, international press and other popular media. These achievements should give us cause to get carried away because, lets not  forget that Luxurious Magazine is a privately owned independent English language publication, only specialising within a niche market sector, but still managing to compete with global brands and the general international press.

One of the things that makes the size of the global reach for Luxurious Magazine so remarkable is that the audience we have is grown organically. What we mean by this is, no advertising, no paid for audience, no requesting people follow our pages to enter competitions, no cajoling or subversion, all of these we know have been done by others in the industry doing nothing more than devaluing the integrity of a brand and misleading readers and advertisers. People that follow us on social media have searched and found us, remaining with us based on the quality of our work.

The Magazine

Four times each year Luxurious Magazine produces a digital magazine that is also available in print format via special order. The magazine is timed to coincide with the seasons, Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The next edition (Winter) is scheduled for Mid-January 2014. If we accept your advertising within the magazine, you also have the option of an editorial or advertorial piece with it (see below). This will subsequently go onto our website, possibly the MSN portals mentioned previously and our social media channels resulting in a huge level of publicity.

Luxurious Magazine advertising costs are very low compared to other forms of global advertising. This is because we are selective about the adverts we carry alongside our editorial content. Many of the advertisement requests we receive are politely refused as the adverts must complement the editorial content in the magazine. If we accept your advertisement, the accompanying editorial/advertorial will also be promoted on the website and via our social media channels at no extra cost 

Adverts need to be sent to us via our weTransfer channel: if you have any questions or require further information, please email us or use the online contact form. 

Luxurious Magazine is able to create video showcases in a broadcast quality in conjunction with our multi-award-winning TV production partner Creative, Stew. The video shows will by syndicated online via our networks with each show lasting between 10-15 minutes. For further information, costs, please email us here.


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