Le Balcon by Mathieu Lehanneur

Le Balcon By Mathieu Lehanneur


An exclusive space for the new Air France business lounge

French designer Mathieu Lehanneur has created a bespoke bar area for Air France business lounge which hopes to suspend customers in a motionless state. Le Balcon forms a curved structure sheltered under an immense golden mirrored ceiling which captures the movements of planes and the changing skies, enlivening the interior whilst passengers relax.

The 160 sqm interior which mixes wood, marble, glass and light, in one immersive and digital space, is supposed to mimic the experience of being on a plane. At the centre, Lehanneur has integrated a LED screen into the parquet floor depicting an image of the sky. From daybreak to dusk, this giant window of light imitates the variations of the day in real time.

Lehanneur has designed the installation to include a central bar with a succession of outlying theatrical box seats. Each box is upholstered in blue velvet and embroidered with their respective numbers, and features a large sofa, a pedestal table and the latest connectivity services.

“Boxes are emblematic of a certain French lifestyle. From the Palais Garnier to the French open, they expertly combine the need for privacy with a dynamic collective spirit. The lodge is always the best place to admire the show!” says Lehanneur. “Flying is to remain motionless in a moving world. It is feeling the cities and clouds slide under one’s feet. I wanted this space to work in the same way – at Le Balcon, one contemplates in silence the incessant movements of the sky and people.”

Source: designboom

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