Italian Festa: A Dream In Villa Sigurtà, Verona

Italian Festa: A Dream In Villa Sigurtà, Verona 


Celebration is life, joy, happiness. In one moment, be it day or night, the energy catalyses and transforms into beauty. Expectation and joy, amazement and curiosity, dresses and jewels, and the pleasure of being together: a waltz of fun and euphoria. Celebration is also in those little Italian hamlets, piazzas, extravagant weddings overflowing with flowers and fruits, a true joy to behold: there is no land, there is no stage, no movie set, able to create a party atmosphere like Italy can. From the glory of Rome to the wonder of Venice – the entire country is a party venue, for a social event or a simple Sunday in the countryside lounging on the grass, with the town band, or two violins on a square in a medieval hamlet suspended in time and colour.

A celebration can become a story, make literature, an explosion of wonder, capable of winning over time and becoming legend. The twentieth century, not to mention the previous centuries, saw many momentous celebrations, many of them costume. From the solemn festivities of the last European courts, to those of Paul Poiret and the Marchesa Casati, events of exoticism and sorcery. From the sumptuous entertainment offered by the Florio family in Palermo, to Etienne de Beaumont’s inexhaustible talent as a metteur-en-scene in the age of Jazz – but when it comes to parties, Venice remains legendary over any other city worldwide: The eighteenth-century lavishness of the spectacular night hosted by Charlie de Beistegui at his Palazzo Labia home one 3 September 1951, synthesized the reinvention of a lost world, taken up by Guy and Marie-Halene de Rothschild’s Bal Proust at Paris’s Hotel Lambert in 1971. 

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