Hautlence Vortex Gamma Magma

Vortex Gamma Magma: New High-Tech HAUTLENCE Watch


Inspired by the colour of lava, the Vortex Gamma Magma delivers a striking appearance and hypnotizing power of a watch. Angles and facets that are emphasized by the black line, highlights the watch edges and drive the powerful aesthetic of its case. HAUTLENCE uses HLLightColor to place the bold colour. HLLightColor is a material that can be body tinted in order to take on a particular shade of any colour, to give a vibrant presentation for the HL2.0 manufacture calibre.

HAUTLENCE has chosen a revolutionary composite material from the automotive and aerospace industries for the Vortex Gamma Magma model. The HLLightColor is charged with ceramic nanotube particles, which has identical properties to a conventional watch industry metal. It’s highly resilient while being four times lighter than titanium. It can be machined with the same precision and to within the same tolerances, resulting extremely complex finishing operations, alternating brushed, polished and sand-blasted surfaces. Aside from its remarkable high-tech properties, this material also provides a great aesthetic: intrinsically tinted rather than coated, the HLLightColor gives HAUTLENCE the ability to choose the boldest hues from the colour palette, as seen on the Vortex Gamma Magma.

In addition, the minute dial is made from almost an entire transparent sapphire that offers a large window onto the HL2.0 selfwinding calibre, driving the Vortex Gamma. Orange, the unifying feature of this model, is found on each of the 12 articulated links in the hour chain, a main function of the movement. The chain turns in 3-4 seconds every 60 minutes, gently and with control to avoid any shocks or loss of energy. Also, it leaves enough time for people to admire the beauty of the movement and its mechanisms in action.

The regulating organ is integrated into the mobile bridge-type calibre, with the change in position actuated by the display to improve accuracy by statistically offsetting the effects of gravity. The calibre HL2.0 is equipped with two barrels. The second barrel is dedicated specifically to drive the complication. It is continuously reset by the main barrel; as a result, the optimal level of energy is available each time the hour changes. This double barrel system will ensure that the complex mechanisms are supplied independently, without affecting the ability of the watch to keep an accurate time.

With a bold, striking design, and a high-tech mechanical heart, HAUTLENCE has created an haute technologie watch through the Vortex Gamma Magma.

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