Extremely Piaget ~ Extremely Sparkling

She steps out from the sea wearing a white muslin dress; she shakes her head, the beads of water fly off her long hair in a crescent arc. Tiny sparkly beads break the warm air. The tiniest water molecules evaporate into a mist.

She wears the sexiest adornment ever. Not the pinkish rosebud nipples pressing against the translucent cloth nor the provocative curves, the swell of her breasts. It wasn't even the cinch of her small waist.

Nor the allure of her eyes or moist fleshy lips that part into a smile.

There are many ways a woman can rage when looking at a goddess and curse.

I rolled my eyes at the white frothy clouds across the turquoise-blue skies as the man next to me fidgets in his seat. I know why without even turning.

It's just nature.

Jessica Chastain could have turned to stone wearing nothing but a sumptuous Piaget Extremely Sparkling elaborate ear cuff with its lyrical array of 28 marquise-cut diamonds and 20 brilliant-cut diamonds designed to be worn behind the ear and look stunning. Compelling.

It's the wink of the sparkly diamonds that gets to women and men in an unholy way. That brilliant splash of blinding white when the sun hits and eyes are riveted in homage.

The fact that Piaget chooses to refer to the golden sixties is emblematic.

The rousing "sixties" is the golden age that yields a decade of paradox. The rise of violence against chants of free love with a slew of activists, hippies, yippies, student protesters, advocates of psychedelic liberation, proponents of free love, members of the underground, advocates of women's and gay liberation believe in the struggles and contribute vehemently to collapse bad bourgeois society.

An era symbolic to those who weren't even born when the sixties ended.

Creatively in the 60s and 70s Piaget made adventurous eye-catching creations that blurred and thin the lines between watch and jewellery during a time when these were clearly separate pieces.

Style icon and glamour queens, Jackie 'O' Kennedy and movie star Elizabeth Taylor were leading ladies to adorn themselves in Piaget.

Jackie's delish Piaget timepiece with a jade dial surrounded by diamonds and emeralds on a textured solid gold bracelet was astoundingly beautiful.

Elizabeth Taylor's jewel box was a treasure trove of a couple of Piaget watches with one featuring an array of textured gold loops surrounding a green hardstone watch dial.

Splashy. New. Shiny sparkly one of a kind pieces inspired by the jet-set days called Extremely Piaget was created to celebrate its 140th anniversary.

"We wanted to revive this creative energy using signatures of the time, but without duplicating the past," says Piaget's creative director Jean-Bernard Forot.

Striking silhouettes, rich design with beautiful gemstones conjure up glory days that are at once iconic and chic.

Most stylish looks than ever before; Piaget Extremely Sparkling collection has all the blings to dazzle and add sparkle. The all-diamond pieces cluster of marquise diamond or the tear-drop pear-shape diamond popular in the 1960s is revived.

We wait in anticipation of the French fest of fabulous jewellery and decorative art objects, the Biennale des Antiquaires and with bated breath for the unveiling of Piaget Biennale 2015 Collection touted to be emblematic.

A perfect opportunity to view the world's luxurious watch and jewellery collection.

And drool.

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