De Beers Portraits of Nature

De Beers presents Portraits of Nature Collection


LUXURY diamond jewellers, De Beers, presents Portraits of Nature. The collection, divided into five sets, celebrates the kaleidoscopic beauty and textures of wild creatures and their striking colours. Greater Flamingo, Monarch Butterfly, Electric Cichlid, Knysna Chameleon and Chapman’s Zebra are the distinctive names and they each carry the unique characteristics of each animal. Ethically-sourced, De Beers selects the finest of diamonds for each set.

The Monarch Butterfly set creates a transformative quality that is unique to the creature, featuring captivating shades of orange and pink, the colours are both delicate and vibrant, dancing on the skin as they reflect the light.

The Greater Flamingo set is inspired by the exotic creature itself, its flame-tipped feathers reflect in the pink and red hued diamonds featured in the pieces, creating a lively sense of confidence and finesse for the wearer.

Sparkling yellow stones create a symbolic happiness with the Electric Cichlid set, the cichlid fish is known for its shimmering scales, the yellow and white diamonds scintillate against the skin, as if underwater.

Pale greens and pinks create a polychromatic colour palette, one that is influenced by the transformative appearance of the chameleon. Bespoke and subtle, the Knsyna Chameleon earrings attract a sense of intuition and wonder.

Reflecting the striking look of the Zebra, the Chapman’s Zebra set is one of sheer uniqueness, just like the black and white stripes of a zebra create its own unique pattern, this set pushes boundaries of conventional jewellery forms with the combination of diamonds and pearl detailing.


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