Christophe Claret X-Trem 1

Christophe Claret X-Trem 1


Mr. Claret, I will take five! That ought to do just fine… Here is another super high-end, experimental, and unique exotic luxury watch designed to stimulate the masses and end up on the wrists of just a few. It is true that including variations on the word “extreme” as part of the name of something quickly went out of style a few years ago (do you recall when everything was “eXtreme?!”), in this case I will give Christophe Claret a pass because he turned the name into a acronym of sorts. “XTREM” stands for “Experimental Time Research Engineering Mechanism.” Wait, doesn’t that pretty much everything CC releases these days?

Extreme or pristine, the X-TREM-1 watch is both visually interesting and technically fascinating… and it uses magnets! Not impressed? I actually am because magnets are the traditional enemy of mechanical watches. Nothing like magnetism to totally screw up the operation of precisely moving parts. Ever wonder why “anti-magnetic” watches are a big deal? In the X-TREM-1 magnets are used to create the illusion that the steel balls contained in each of the side sapphire crystal tubes move up and down with no help to indicate the hours and minutes.

According to Christophe Claret the concept was developed by a third party and then acquired by Christophe Claret and built into the concept of this watch. The feat is impressive because the magnets used are so specialized and focused that they don’t hinder the normal operation of the movement. In each of the tubes is a small hollow steel ball that is not attached to anything. Given enough shock the ball would likely release from its bond with the magnet, but would then eventually roll back and reattach.

The magnets used are special tiny magnets that are suspended in surgical silk threads that are moved up and down by the movement on tracks in order to have the steel balls pass over the hour and minute indicators to tell the time. This effectively creates “mystery hands” in the grand tradition of clocks that have been doing so for generations. You can even tell the time in the dark as there are SuperLumiNova strips along the side of the case on both ends of the watch where the tubes are located. It isn’t a super precise way of reading the time, but I think we can all forgive this watch given the concept. Probably still easier to read than a Movado Museum Dial watch.

Center stage on the watch dial is the movement. The time indicator part of the watch is all on the side. Claret always does an amazing job of showing off his manufacture’s handiwork. Each of the movements are hand-assembled and decorated. The new movement is the caliber FLY11. It uses a sophisticated titanium curved base plate and contains a flying tourbillon. The tourbillon is further angled at 30 degree and is mounted on double ceramic bearings. You can see it generously displayed through a sapphire crystal window on the lower part of the watch. The movement contains 419 parts and has a power reserve of about 50 hours. There are two mainspring barrels for the movement – one for the escapement and one for the gear train. The more I look at this watch, the more it looks like a totally crazy carnival game that I don’t understand.

Operating the watch is done via double fold-out crowns on the back of the watch. One is for winding the manually wound movement and one is for setting the time. I like how all manners of operating the piece are hidden from view. Christophe Claret loves titanium, but he also knows that his clients love gold. Much of this watch uses titanium – especially the movement. Though to satisfy his customers most current versions of the X-TREM-1 watch have titanium mixed with a precious metal. Interesting enough this is another rare Christopher Claret watch not to have precious stones in it.

The X-TREM-1 case is 40.80mm wide by 56.80mm tall. At 15mm thick the overall package is quite reasonably sized being not too large or small. I look forward to getting it on my wrist soon. One thing I like about Claret’s case designs are the slick angles and elegant curves. Whereas something like an MB&F is very machine inspired, and an URWERK is very modern industrial inspired, Christophe Claret pieces have an old-world charm that have been modernized but retain the grace of a Delage automobiles (for instance). You don’t have to love all of his stuff, but the brand does “slick” nicely.

This niche appeal watch is certainly the type of thing I have come to expect from Christophe Claret’s workshop. I get all excited about this novel stuff, but know that a lot of my readers are just going to sigh or scoff at it. That is OK. As a watch lover I enjoy the effort involved and the novelty of this horological curiosity. Claret himself did suggest it was “experimental.” Each version of the X-TREM-1 watch will be limited to 8 pieces. To start models will mix titanium and either 18k white gold, 18k rose gold, or platinum. The strap options are either alligator or a special leather that actually looks and feels like rubber (which I have seen before and is neat).


Source: aBlogtoWatch

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