Chaumet est une fête Aria Passionata

Chaumet est une fête Aria Passionata 


Passion as adornment. This could be the motto of the Aria Passionata ensemble which pays tribute to the fire of the Scala de Milan, expressing the emotions and ardour of the greatest opera arias.

Milanese passion

Garnets, rubies and tourmalines sparkle with scarlet hues to illuminate the beauty of women.

The sumptuous transformable necklace that adorns the back, the brooch, two pairs of earrings, one of them transformable, three rings, a supple bracelet and three tourbillon watches evoke the red velvet drapes of the mythical theatre.

Teatro alla Scala

The reds and golds of Milan’s La Scala glitter under the ardent lights of emotion, making the great areas of Italian opera shine at their most radiant.

Giuseppe Verdi instigated a vocal revolution by encouraging ardour in his artist’s renditions and contributed to the legend of what is the “most beautiful theatre in the world” according to Stendhal.

Backstage, the shadows of maestros, directors and divas – such as the incomparable Maria Callas, emblematic icon of La Scala, haunt the premises, marked by the magical seal of genius.

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