Pleasurement ~ A Pleasure State


Did she say her name’s Kryptonite?  

This is the stuff from the Superman mythos, supposedly a radioactive ore from Superman's home planet of Krypton.

You watch Superman Returns: Mountain scene where Superman lifts the kryptonite infected land out of the ocean and hurling it into outer space before falling back to earth exhausted.

She could wield one little bauble of it and watch Superman fall to his knees in worship of encased flesh.  

You’ve been invited to her little flat and sitting in the living room.  

The soundtrack from Superman is playing.

She’s that young ID girl in the next office. You suggest that she proposes an interior to your new flat and have come to pick her up for your appointment.  

A little side-line for her.

Her flat is tiny, miniscule even. You sit facing a well-placed mirror on the wall that opens up a small space and maximize most of a room's natural light.  

“Mirrors are a decorator's best friend, er… enhances views,” she calls out from her boudoir; the door is left ajar so you could continue your conversation.

She is clumsy. You hear her knocking about the furniture and turn instinctively. At a particular angle you in the mirror you could look into her room as she changes clothes behind a small wooden carved screen.

There’s no nudity even.  But you see her ivory silk camisole hanging over the screen and a waspie waist belt. Her arm going up and down as she pulls a jumper over her head.  

Your imagination fires up.

You spy an old catalogue from one of her travels.

“Man, Myth, and Sensual Pleasures: Jan Gossart’s Renaissance”

You look away and imagine a line-up of naughty items range from lingerie, corsets, basques, stockings and suspenders.   

You wonder if she has read E. L. James’s Fifty Shades of Grey.

You remember your catalogue from Pleasurement: Love isn’t Blind and you believe!

You smile, it’s a beautiful day.

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