Karin Loitsch

Karin Loitsch


Uninfluenced by fads, Austrian Karin Loitsch is an artist in every sense of the word. She writes, designs her own fashion label and is a singer-songwriter.

Prolific in all spheres, Karin sets her own style, pace and space.

“I sing the stories of my life, what else could I tell you about?“ Karin smiles when asked about the songs she writes.

The video “One Day” by the duo Karin Loitsch on vocals and guitar and her partner,  Jozej Stikar on keyboard and accordion presents a wind up music box doll “Karin” singing about love, love, love in an enchanting way. There is such joy in her voice. Called instant pop this genre is melodious and "pretty".

The Vivienne Westwood of Austria, Karin has reinterpreted style, fashion and music as she listens to the beat of her own drums.  Drawing her inspiration from nature, pictures of the Andromeda Galaxy and the classical and sacred music of Arvo Pärt, which in part is inspired by Gregorian chants.

Even the wild nature of Manhattan and the forests of Austria speak volumes of joy in the creative process, that expounds the simplicity of elegance in the eras that threads timelines seamlessly.

“I remember my childhood very well. I would stand at shop fronts looking in. Seeing the display of clothing, my eyes picking up details. I would think, are there too many buttons? Is the collar to high? Is the skirt length just right? How can I do it differently?” says Karin.


“I think shape and colour must be in balance to create an almost sacred harmony between the created clothing and the wearer. The perfect dress lets a woman see her own beauty, her elegance and dignity.

“I was away in the States for 4 long years, which involved a first marriage. When I return home to Austria I remarried and started my business and we were retailers for Burberry, Etro, Tods and Moncler for several years.”

After a divorce and getting back her maiden name Karin started her own label with determination to change even traditional fabrics to give it a different context, a fresh start, a new look. New direction.

“Everything turned out differently than expected when I started designing. It started with a kilt and then jacket for men and a velvet corsage and a lace skirt for women.

“It grew to this huge collection that the press calls the "Alpine Westwood Style". We dusted the traditional costumes of Austria, equipped them with humour and tartans, untied the corsets and replaced many pants with kilts,” laughs Karin as she recalls; “I love the traditional costumes of my country, but even more I enjoy taking them apart completely, to build out of the elements something entirely new.”

At 49, Karin is the CEO of LOITSCH, she works as a creative director for RETTL 1868, she writes for LUXURIOUS MAGAZINE ASIA and plays with her band INSTANT AVI in small clubs in good old Austria.

Leading the good life, she stays with her partner Jozej Stikar and her daughter Sophia in the countryside of Carinthia, Austria. Another daughter Anna lives in Copenhagen.


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