Interview With Olga Yermoloff Owner & Creator Of Olvi’s

Interview With Olga Yermoloff Owner & Creator Of Olvi’s


“Look for the woman in the dress. If there is no woman, there is no dress” Coco Chanel.

Olvi’s was founded in 2002, Olga Yermoloff currently is CEO and Head Designer of Olvi’s.  Olvi’s was born during a trip to London in 2002 when Olga ran into a beautiful lace dress in a small vintage store on Portobello Road Market. The dress looked exactly like the dresses she dreamed of as a child and now Olga is calling Olvi’s a big dream which became a reality where she just keeps building.

Olga came to Amsterdam because of her music background -, she attended the Moscow Music Academy and because of her passion for classical music she moved to the Netherlands where she also attended the Sweelinck Conservatory of Amsterdam.

Olga says, she has always been a dreamer and she thinks one of the most important parts of designing and being a designer is the imagination, dreaming and putting this into reality.

Since a little girl she was passionate about clothes, dresses, creating her own designs. This also was inspired by her mom as she always used to sew her own dresses.

“I always spent so much time observing my mom and how passionate she was. This inspired me to create my own brand and designs” - remembers Olga.

 As a designer Olga always wants to highlight these features in women that shows their femininity.

Olvi’s have so much choice in their collections: top, trousers, skirts but the highlights of Olvi’s  are always the dresses and gowns.  “The dress is one of the most feminine thing a woman can wear, I want to encourage women to express their feminine side and that’s why dresses are such an important part of my collections”.

Olga always wants to make women happy with the designs she creates and always embrace the new trends and modernity while cherishing the values on which Olvi’s is built - Femininity and Sensitivity.

Designer draws inspiration from many things: “sometimes it’s my surrounding and the women I create my designs for. We have a wide range of product styles and it makes it easier to incorporate creativity and try new things, but we always have femininity as a cornerstone in our collections then everything is designed around this concept”

Olga says that Dutch every day fashion emphasis is more on comfort and clothes that give freedom of movement. “I think the free spirit and casual mindset of the Dutch are mirrored also in their choice of everyday style.” Artist can’t say she has her favourite designer, she likes many designers and there is something different from each style and she can relate to many of them.

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