Fendi Peekaboo

The Fendi Peekaboo has a familiar shape to the mom purses of the 50s.

Sturdy enough to carry a bible and enough muscle to wield as a bat and whack a youngster over the head for wearing his pants too low perhaps. Definitely not a bag you’ll want to mess around with.

With Fendi, such an iconic bag serves two purposes but of course. Carry all your essentials and make you stand head above the crowd. The right bag is the ultimate fashion accessory to polish off your look.

Think texture. Think contrast. Show off your wild side with animal prints or mock croc.

But when your Fendi Peekaboo bag has menacing crocodile eye in black leather and python what else would taunt you.

Black leather and python Fendi Peekaboo bag with black and yellow crocodile eyes comes alive when the side compartment of the bag is opened. When you strut around with a Fendi Peekaboo Bag with Menacing Crocodile Eyes, who’s to play hide and seek with you now.

Let’s swing from one extreme moment to another. Leather to fur to embellished shiny skins.

I’d like mine made to order please.

I would prefer soft rich magenta calfskin. Large please. With two internal compartments, raw edge finish. Lots of contrasting browns, the satin galvanized bar and grommets, twist lock and gold metal ware. A single handle with a short shoulder strap and alcantara lining with pocket.

But then where’s the ultimate fun? 50s-inspired purses make our multi-tasking work bag dramatic and well in a way fun. How does your bag carry you? Well I figured the blacks, gray and white of autumn could do with a burst of power puff magenta.

Made with different contrasting material and best carried with the front opening to reveal the inner lining of the bag, the Peekaboo purse is classy when the turn lock is closed; and fun when opened as bag holder reveals the unique detailing of the purse as a hearty an endorsement of a bag. So personal it’s like having someone peek into my purse.

The peekaboo is now available in four sizes: Mini, Small, Medium and Large. It can be worn as a tote or using the detachable shoulder strap. 


by Doris Lim

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