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GUY MARTIN – The great chef

It's only Rock 'n Roll (but I like it) Rolling Stones

Cooking is no game for sissies. Every chef will confirm that. On the peak of this mountain that is called Haute Cuisine, the air is thin and you will make it to the top only if your artistic talent, your training, your senses and your feeling for the route work together perfectly. It comes down to being honest and visionary. Guy Martin has mastered all that in perfection.
"It's only Rock 'n Roll (but I like it)" sang the Rolling Stones in 1974, while their 17 year old fan Guy Martin worked in a pizzeria, where he then started, training himself by cooking through the 1281 pages of Ali Bab's "Encyclopedia of Practical Gastronomy" during nighttimes.

LMA: How do you feel when you think of that young man, working his way through the thousands of recipes after his normal working hours?
GM: I’m looking rarely in the past, except thinking of my departed close relatives.

LMA: If there would be a Guy Martin CD soundtrack now, what tracks would we find on that Cd?
GM: There would be Gleen Gould, Rolling Stones, Offenbach, Clapton, Mozart, Albinoni, Boby Lapointe and many more.

LMA: What role does music play in your creative proccess?
GM: Freedom is the present music gives me.

LMA: The food on your plates look like jewellery, full of light and perfectly matching in colour and shape. Which artforms or artists influenced your style the most?
GM: For sure the impressionists, but also Rothko, Helen von Unwerth, Picasso and Francis Bacon.

LMA: What means the word perfection to you?
GM: Only God is perfect, we are only Humans.

LMA: Timetravel is possible. One single taste or smell and we are back in our grandmothers kitchen. What is the importance of these emontional memories created through food for you?
GM: These memories are smells of choux pastry fresh out of the oven, rabbit from the hutch rubbed with sage, morels which fritget in cream, meat pie prepared with hazelnuts, scents of ripe tomatoes out of the garden, asparagus and peas covered with morning dew. Such happiness!

LMA: Who are the modern day heros for you?
GM: Mother Teresa.

LMA: Some East-Asian religions believe that the world is our mirror, thar it only reflects what is inside us. Do you find that to be true?
I think that we should not dissociate exterior from interior. All is one but we are, each of us with a lot of personalities. The question is: Should we, when we are getting old, be just one or mutilfaceted?

began his career as a chef at the Relais & Chateaux. At the age of 26 he received his first Michelin Star. In 2000, the chef of Le Grand Véfour was awarded with 3 Michelin stars. In this year he was the only chef to win 3 stars in the Red Michelin Guide 2000.
Since then he created new restaurants like Sensing, the 68 at
Guerlain's boutique and the Cristal Room Baccarat and wrote
numerous books. Still he spends most of his time creating his art while cooking.

Interview by Karin Loitsch

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