The Odyssey Is The Signature Bandit9

The Odyssey Is The Signature Bandit9


Custom motorcycles are strange things, you either love them or loathe them. However, some custom machines do have a little to commend them, an example being the limited edition Bandit 9 Odyssey, which comes with a choice of internal combustion or dual-electric drive.

Based in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Bandit 9 builds bikes that are inspired by science-fiction, among them the Dark Side, L-Concept and Eve, and now the latest addition to the catalogue, the Odyssey. Taking a minimalist approach, the Odyssey is a single smooth body shell over the frame and engine and as per the Bandit 9 name, only nine will ever be built.

Everything that Bandit 9 builds is bespoke and custom, tailored to the customer’s taste, and for the Odyssey, the choice begins with either a 1,400 cc V-twin in the traditional manner, or a dual-electric drive, driving a shaft. Specifications are sparse for either power plant, as Bandit 9 very clearly states on its website, “we build works of art.”

In the case of the Odyssey, this is readily apparent, using it as it does a combination of the tried and true, such as wheels made in Milan, Italy by Borrani, and Beringer Aerotec radial-mounted brake callipers. These are combined with high-tech items such as a see-through LED display projected from below the fuel tank, and disappears when the power is switched off.

There is also a seat covered in Italian calf leather made from memory foam that takes the shape of the rider’s butt, and springs back to its original shape when the rider gets off. The tail light assembly is a single string of LEDs shaped in a horseshoe around the perimeter of the bodywork.

Bandit 9 starts work on your Odyssey after receipt of a 50% down-payment, and the build takes between five to six months. As almost every aspect of the Bandit 9 Odyssey can be customised to whatever the customer wants, we would expect pricing to not be cheap.


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