'Reloaded by Creators' Will Be Restoring Classic Luxury Cars

'Reloaded by Creators' Will Be Restoring Classic Luxury Cars


Fiat Chrysler is hoping to maintain automotive history by launching a restoration division entitled Reloaded by Creators. This new division will deal with all vehicles falling under the umbrella of Fiat, Lancia, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and Abarth. Cars that are sent to this restoration service will receive a certificate of authenticity, and the proceed of its sale will be used to locate and restore more vehicles.

Each car selected for restoration will be carefully chosen by Reloaded by Creators and the sales of these vehicles will be done in a limited amount. All restorations will return the vehicles to their former glory and will not feature any modern upgrades or amenities. Reloaded by Creators and Fiat Chrysler hope that this new initiative will function as a cultural product and was inspired by the way art museums function. The group currently has five vehicles for sale that are up for sale on the FCA Heritage website.

Source: Trend Hunter

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