AURA Reimagines Air Travel

Private jet company set to bring luxury travel to the masses, with tickets on board its state-of-the-art aircraft starting from $280


A new airline is set to bring luxury jet travel to the masses for a snip of the usual price.

AURA will start running flights in early 2019 and has unveiled renderings of its state-of-the-art aircraft, complete with comfy armchair-style seats, large windows and slick interior design.

A spokesperson for the Florida-based firm told MailOnline Travel that tickets will cost from $280 with frequent flights connecting Miami, New York, Chicago, Atlanta, Denver, and Los Angeles.

The Bombardier CRJ-700 aircraft will have 29 seats onboard with two classes of service, First and Wave.

The First class area will feature 21 seats with the most leg-room of any domestic first-class service in the U.S.

While the Wave class cabin, with eight seats, has been designed to imitate the intimacy of a private jet.

Zander Futernick, who founded AURA, said 'affordability was the underlying principle' in developing the business.

The technology entrepreneur, who is just 21 years old, added: 'Having flown economy my entire life, AURA needed to be a product I could afford myself.

'AURA is a sincere endeavour to democratise the luxury of private aviation.

'Gone are senselessly expensive membership fees and phony claims of affordability. AURA leads a new category in aviation where being fair and doing good are never compromised.'


Other features of the AURA plane will include high-speed WiFi, complimentary iPads, HD IMAX-style screens and virtual reality headsets to passengers can get a bird’s-eye view of the flight they're on.

On the food front, fresh sushi and sashimi will be served daily, along with a spread of other cuisines, from 'Spanish tapas to Chinese dim sum and Mediterranean meze'.

Boasting self-cleaning toilets, AURA is also set to be the most hygienic aircraft in the sky.

A blurb on the website explains that 'in only 20 seconds, nozzles positioned around the lavatory sanitize every surface, followed by ultraviolet lights killing 99 per cent of all germs. The lavatory is quickly scented for the next guest.'

Frequent fliers can pay $250 a month to be a member of AURA and purchase plane fares at fixed rates.

Those who fly less, can book trips as they go, but AURA says the fares will start at least twice the price for non-members.

To match the convivial experience onboard the AURA jet, all flights will depart from private airports where passengers may arrive only 20 minutes before take-off.

Mr Futernick concluded: 'AURA is the vision of an aviation geek who wants you to re-imagine what air travel can be. AURA is all about you. Gone are expensive membership fees and disingenuous claims of affordability.

'AURA leads a new category in aviation where being fair and doing good are never compromised. We are forward-looking. AURA is the future, going beyond the nostalgic Golden Age of air travel.'

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