Illusion Plus, a 290-foot superyacht

This $US145 million superyacht just won a major award for its ultra-luxurious interior at the Monaco Yacht Show – here's a look inside


  • The Monaco Yacht Show is one of the major events in the yachting industry, where the world’s top yachts are displayed and given awards based on their design and other factors.
  • This year’s top interior design award went to the Illusion Plus, a 290-foot superyacht complete with gymnasium, 2 Jacuzzis, a helipad, a spa, and a beauty salon.
  • The yacht is for sale for $US145 million and features ultra-efficient and quiet Rolls Royce engines.

A $US145 million ultra-luxurious superyacht won one of the yachting industry’s top awards for interior design at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show.

The Illusion Plus yacht by Pride Mega Yachts was awarded the interior design award to recognise the “beauty, comfort and functionality of the exceptional interior,” according to the Monaco Yacht Show’s official website.

“All winning superyachts were chosen by an eclectic jury of expert journalists in superyachting (journalists from UAE, UK, Germany, The Netherlands), which combines the different tastes of a worldwide environment,” Johan Pizzardini, a representative for the Monaco Yacht Show, told Business Insider.

To be considered for the award, the yacht must have been delivered in 2018, be at least 40 meters, or about 131 feet long, and be exhibited by the ship builder at the Monaco Yacht Show.

At nearly 300 feet long, the Illusion Plus met all those requirements. Here’s a look inside the ultra-luxurious superyacht.

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