Best Toys And Gadgets For 2018

Best Toys And Gadgets For 2018


Every year I get excited to feature my favorite superyacht toys and gadgets that I have seen on my travels around the world. This year there are many unique items from a wide selection of amphibious vehicles and flying machines to luxury items that every yacht owner must have. On a recent journey through the Mediterranean, I visited numerous superyachts and spoke with their owners about what they are looking for to add to their collections. Almost everyone said they wanted unique and useful gadgets as well as unusual and thrill-seeking toys that will excite their guests and offer them the perfect Instagram moment.

While inflatable slides and jet skis are always a mainstay item aboard most yachts, these extravagant and very creative toys will excite even the most jaded passenger. Some of these items were successfully crowdfunded this year and are now available for pre-orders, others are quickly becoming popular with yachties around the world and a few are currently being developed for future release.  Please enjoy my top 12 selections for 2018.

Platypus Submersible Watercraft ($75,000)

The Platypus was developed for the exploration of shallow water. It can be used on or under the water and is basically a trimaran with a central floating pod that is connected to the top floats by rocker arms. It allows passengers to navigate underwater and is powered by two outboard electrical motors. Air is provided for the passengers of the pod through an integrated electric air compressor in the floats which eliminates the need for a tank.

Ariel Nomad Kart ($45,000+)

The Ariel Nomad offers the thrill of go-karting in a stable, street-friendly, and safe, reinforced vehicle with speeds up to 60 mph. The new model features a windscreen and includes a steel frame with a twin-spring damper system providing a comfortable ride in rough terrain. Easily stored on most superyachts, this is the perfect choice for adventurous yachties who want to explore those remote coastlines.

Terraquad Amphibious Jeep and Biski Amphibious Motorcycle ($40,000+)

This amphibious jeep can turn into a boat once it hits the water. Designed by Michigan-based Gibbs Sports Amphibians, the Terraquad can do 50 mph on land or in water. The company previously introduced the QuadSki, an amphibious ATV-jetski hybrid and also offers the Biski, a motorcycle that turns into a jet ski. The Biski takes five seconds for its wheels to retract and then switch over to jet propulsion. You can drive directly into the water even at full-speed. The 500-pound solo vehicle can reach speeds of 80 mph on land and 37 mph in the water.

SEABOB F5 SR With Camera ($17,045)

The SEABOB F5 SR is the most powerful unit offered by the company. Its system gives a strong propulsive force and is controlled by 7 power levels. Your guests can glide through the water at a casual speed in low gear or zip through the water in high gear at fast speed. The SEABOB also offers up a super cool Cam system with two integrated full-HD cameras including one selfie cam and one in the bow. The 77 lb. unit also features a built-in storage system and a Wi-Fi transmission module.

Mako Slingshot Jet Board ($12,000)

The Mako Slingshot is a carbon fiber Jetboard powered by a 2-stroke engine that provides a top speed of 30 mph on the water. Thrill seekers are loving electric powered wakeboards but the Slingshot relies on extreme jet power for speed and the rider controls the throttle using a handheld remote. Its unique hydrodynamics allows for exact handling and it’s perfect for the superyacht since it is compact at 72 inches long and lightweight at 42 lbs. A full tank gives your guests 40 minutes of ride time at full throttle, and it will support anyone up to 220 pounds.

Source: Forbes

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