Bugatti Type 100M Concept Motorbike

Bugatti Type 100M Concept Motorbike


Bugatti is the epitome of automotive luxury. Just last month we got a look at exactly why the Chiron costs $3 million USD, and now we see another example of high end craftsmanship via the Bugatti Type 100M motorbike, with the concept coming from Romain Gauvin. The design is not brand new, but it has begun to recirculate online and is too out-of-this-world not to showcase.

Boasting an undeniably futuristic aesthetic, the bike comes with four wheels and is highlighted by a two-tone paint job. The ride then showcases Bugatti’s signature C-shaped line on its side.

The Type 100M also features an enclosed cockpit, with a dashboard that houses a rear monitor eliminating the need for rear-view mirrors. The bike is equipped with an electric drive and a large battery as well, although none of Bugatti’s vehicles are electric.

After getting a glimpse at the otherworldly Type 100M Concept motorbike designed by Romain Gauvin, follow on over to Gauvin’s Behance page for a more detailed look.

Source: Highsnobiety

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