The Deck, Thailand

The Deck / Somdoon Architects


The Deck is located within a walking-distance to the famous Patong beach, one of the most notable beaches in Phuket, Thailand. The project is a 7-storey condominium that has been separated into 2 buildings to create the maximum view of the surrounded sea and mountain and to enhance the outdoor living lifestyle among the natural environment.

In accordance with the particular shape of the site, the axis of both buildings is placed parallel to the site which points towards the Andaman Sea. At the front building, an infinity edge swimming pool on the rooftop provides an impressive panoramic view of the sea. While at the rear building, a large on-ground swimming pool is the centre of all facility as well as a bridge where both buildings connect together. Units were designed to have full height aluminium frame window that unit width is longer than its depth. Therefore, the proportion allows the natural light to reach to the deepest interior space. Also, the typical unit’s bathroom is located next to the façade window for lighting and ventilation.

The Deck was named following its unique façade. An organisation of unit types with cantilevered balconies creates a distinctive façade pattern with large outdoor space. The cantilever is varied from 2.2 m. to 3.3 m. long, encouraging outdoor activities with natural light. The flatten aluminium railing is addressed in an appropriate angle that functions from creating privacy to covering air-condensing unit. Moreover, balcony ceilings from aluminium composite are in bright ocean blue that they seamlessly blend in with the colour of Andaman Sea and perfectly represent Patong beach’s nightlife.

The Deck is a mid-rise residence in the middle of pleasant scenery. The project has been thoughtfully designed with a coherent relation to the environment. Considering the captivating facade and the authentic elements, The Deck becomes one of the most outstanding buildings in Phuket.

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