Sundial House, Mexico

Sundial House / Specht Architects


The buildings of the American firm Specht Architects are characterized by an elegant and functional design, which adapts to the environment in which they settle. Today we show one of his most recent works: the Sundial House, located on the top of a hill in Santa Fe (New Mexico).

The house was designed from two large perpendicular concrete walls that support the entire house. These thick walls help to link the interior and exterior areas to merge with the landscape instead of standing out above it. In addition, a narrow open skylight crosses the 38 meters of one of them, achieving a very interesting continuity effect, while providing changing shadows on the concrete seen throughout the day.

After descending a few stairs, access to the exterior patio, decorated with a sober water channel that contrasts with the aridity of the landscape. Inside the house, the lobby highlights the presence of one of the structural walls and leads to the living room. It is the area that also integrates the dining room, the master bedroom and the guest room. The entire area has a front sliding glass doors to enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains. Likewise, on the outside of this rear part, the cantilevered roof generates a huge outdoor porch with guaranteed shade.

At the opposite end of the house is the kitchen, with a luminous combination of wooden furniture, island in stainless steel (as well as appliances) and tiles, countertops and additional cabinets in white. Next to it there is an outside covered dining room ideal for informal meals, and right next to it - already in the corridor under the skylight - there was a small open office with desk.

Landscaper James David signs the gardens that surround the house, where trees and bushes alternate with plants full of color on dark gravel, so that they create a very attractive sensation when standing out above the typical flora of the region.

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