M&P House, Argentina

M&P House / Nicolás Campodonico


This single-family house is located in a closed neighbourhood near the city of Rosario. The existing constructions constitute a rather heterogeneous set of houses, predominated by pure masonry volumes, finished with light-toned materials. The project aims to be "another one" of the houses in the neighbourhood, taking these characteristics from the preexisting buildings as its initial design parameters.

The project is organized as a spatial sequence that begins on the public street and culminates in a private garden, contained between the main volume of the house and a recreational pavilion located at the far end of the lot. The entrance route that begins on the street passes under a beam that runs along the entire front of the construction, at a height of 2.05 m, clearly marking the beginning of the private sphere.

The space contained by this structural element constitutes of a large atrium, partly covered for parking and partly open under the sky in front of the main entrance. The sequence continues with a small space where the main door of solid wood covers the entire opening and characterizes the entrance. On the interior, the spaces are articulated and linked through a staircase that rises in four sections ending with a skylight that illuminates throughout the year with light from the north and guides towards the centre of the house.

Furthermore, both the living spaces, as well as the kitchen and dining room are linked to the garden through a large east-facing gallery. The sequence culminates in the garden contained between the house and the multi-purpose pavilion. The green space houses a pool and is north-oriented. The house, another one, in terms of appearance, provides spatial conditions, uses and privacy that enrich the everyday life of its inhabitants.


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