Lake House, Switzerland

Lake House Harmonizes the Architecture with Scenic Surrounding


Although small residential projects tend to be limited in spatial capacity, the design possibilities remain endless, especially if the project’s site is the biggest source of inspiration.

For a small family’s vacation home, Turin-based architecture firm Wafai Architects proposed a uniquely-designed luxury villa overlooking the picturesque Türlersee lake in Switzerland.

The inspiration behind the project came from observing the features of the site, an area of lush forests surrounding the water. The architect chose to complement the project’s surroundings in some areas of the house, and strongly contrast them in other parts, resulting in a dynamic-looking house that still feels meshed with its site.

The project’s distinct feature is how the surface of the wall gradually transforms into a roof element. The linear forms guide the eye into the background, blending the structure with the surrounding forest and lake. Indoors, the wall-turned-roof element moves around the entrance, creating a playful space which eventually leads to the glass facade. The design of the interior staircase mimics the curvilinear walls, harmonizing the interior space with the overall structure.

In addition to the structure’s composition, the combination of wood and glass provide natural sunlight into the cozy neutral-colored interior spaces and a panoramic view of the forest, all while feeling sheltered within the warm wooden-covered walls.

The project did not follow through as the client had difficulties acquiring the land.

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