House FMB, Germany

House FMB / Fuchs Wacker Architekten


How a highly productive collaboration among a trio of creative stuttgart-based architects and the client turned an empty lot in Esslingen into a family home for ages.

“ We want to raise a family here. The kids should be able to play and the house should be open for guests..”
This was the main request of the client in mutual agreement with the architects. If someone starts to realizing a life-long dream still keeping the connection to the loved ones as well as to the daily life the outcome will be fantastic.

Over the period of four years architects and clients met for creative sessions, exchanging ideas as they converged on a detail or spatial sequence of the steep hillside location. And like those great conversations, the resulting design acquired its own flow, full of colorful narrative, spirited counterpoint, and anecdote. Now outdoor rooms echo luminous indoor ones and the architecture strikes a gentle and clean balance, shifting from the exposed to the very intimate.

Floor-to-ceiling windows transform the entry hall with the gigantic sculptural staircase and a connecting bridge between the bedrooms into a luminous, glass-walled connector, introducing glimpses of color and a visual link between indoor and outdoor spaces.

“ For every indoor space, I wanted to create an outdoor counterpart,”says Fuchs and altered a square half covered patio into a lush outdoor bbq hangout with access to the surrounding land and a pretty maple tree growing in the middle. A fluid living-dining-kitchen area gives way to a glass doorway between the kitchen and patio that seems as if it’s always been there. Spacious and bright, modern and luxurious the results are remarkably laid-back with family and friends that brings it all to life.

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