Casa Manns, Chile

Casa Manns / Felipe Assadi Arquitectos


The general parti is a rectangular pavilion cantilevering over a slope, as if it were an apartment unit detached from a high building, slightly supported on the hill. The fifth façade that we usually develop on the roof is designed here on the base platform of the house: a ribbed, reinforced concrete slab that emerges from a base that contains part of the program.

Reinforcing the horizontality of the proposal, a series of thin metal pillars support this large tray, which projects onto the landscape with windows at the edge, enhancing the cantilever condition over the slope. The access to the house is below, through a lush garden that integrates the structure with the terrain, and then through an extensive ramp that rises to the upper pavilion, dramatizing the separate relationship between the house and the land.

Inside, the layout privileges common spaces over bedrooms. For this reason, a single room contains the barbecue area, kitchen, dining room, living room, terrace and pool facing the sea, setting the bedrooms towards the back, with smaller views towards the hills. To reinforce the idea of a single enclosure, we use a long roof that structures the space and functions as a kitchen and dining room. The materials we used for the house are reinforced concrete, iron, and wood for the structure; and slotted pine plywood for the finishes.


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