This Café In Vietnam Is A Modern-Day Hanging Gardens Of Babylon

This Café In Vietnam Is A Modern-Day Hanging Gardens Of Babylon


Next time you’re in Hanoi, don’t miss the An’garden Café, a breathtaking coffee shop designed by the Le House architecture studio. This innovative space merges industrial style with the traditional look and feel of Vietnamese coffee shops to create a dreamlike interior landscape. Designed as a present for the owner’s wife, the café features numerous hanging plants that bring life into the shop’s atmosphere and evoke the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

The coffee shop’s glass-and-steel facade mirrors the industrial feel of the simple cement walls. However, the plants that appear throughout the café offset the starkness of the architecture itself and harmonize with the indoor environment.

An’garden Café has two floors, with a mezzanine suitable for those who want to focus on their work. A wooden-framed curtain on the ceiling partly blocks natural light, while the top floor receives the most sunlight during the day. The ground floor contains a small pond with aquatic plants, hidden under the staircase. By providing a serene environment amidst the noisy streets of Hanoi, the café provides a space for visitors to relax, enjoy the fragrance of coffee, and take in the picturesque surroundings.

Source: inhabitat 

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