Shinji by Kanesaka, Singapore

Shinji by Kanesaka, Singapore

True to taste and form.

At Shinji by Kanesaka, Head Chef Shunsuke Kikuchi pays tribute to the proud culinary heritage of his homeland.

From intricate lacquer ware to the precise use of the finest ingredients, classic Edo-style sushi, premium sashimi and authentic Japanese dishes are skilfully prepared and presented.

A deliberate selection of exceptional sake and spirits provides an effortless pairing, sparking an interplay of flavours that would differentiate the overall dining experience.

For our guests, it is an invitation to indulge the senses and savour nothing but the best.

“Harmony is the complete alignment of one’s senses with the surroundings. It is a singular moment that transforms the entire dining experience.” 
~ Chef Shinji Kanesaka

Regal tradition and sophisticated luxury set the stage for Shinji by Kanesaka at The St Regis Singapore.

Beyond the entrance, an exclusive encounter with the richness of Japanese culinary heritage and unrivalled hospitality unfolds as guests are guided along the restaurant’s inner sanctum. Classic design by the esteemed Junzo Irikado presents itself in an elegant sake bar offering a tasteful prelude to dinner or the perfect accompaniment to a quiet meal. Close by, the delicate scent of hinoki (cypress), sugi (cedar) and karin (red oak) wafts across the ishidatami or cobbled stone pathway that points towards the main dining room.

Here, Head Chef Shunsuke Kikuchi and his team take centre stage at the hinoki sushi counter bearing testimony to the deep-rooted commitment behind an age-old craft. Lush red carpeting lends an air of grandeur, as does the floor-to-ceiling display of premium sake and wines which serves as a lavish backdrop.

From the very moment of arrival, it is a sensory pilgrimage based on an elegant and seamless interplay of complementary elements that culminates in a truly exceptional dining experience.

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