Jungsik Seoul | Korea

Molecular mastery from the king of new Korean cuisine


Restaurants serving molecular Korean food might not be plentiful, but chef Jung Sik Yim is on a mission to ensure that they are memorable. His eponymous ‘new Korean cuisine’ restaurant opened in Seoul in February 2009, heralded as the first restaurant in which molecular gastronomy was applied to Korean ingredients, and it has captured the imagination of Korean and international diners ever since.

An alumnus of the Culinary Institute of America in New York and former apprentice at the city’s Aquavit and Bouley restaurants, chef Yim takes traditional ingredients and serves them in an ultra-modern way. Dishes include his pork belly cooked sous-vide and then prepared so that it hits the taste elements of spicy, sour and sweet and is also both soft and crispy; and fried oyster with seaweed powder and anchovy aïoli.

Following on from the success of Jungsik, chef Yim has since opened a more informal bistrot in the South Korean capital, as well as an outpost in New York, yet it is his debut site that remains his premier dining destination and the flag-bearer for a brave new style of Korean cuisine.

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