Guerlain Baiser de Russie

Guerlain Baiser de Russie Will Leave You Impressed


Guerlain’s popular Les Parisiennes collection has just received a new gorgeous addition this year, called Baiser de Russie, which translates to Russian Kiss. Aimed at loyal Guerlain clientele, the aforementioned fragrance collection is re-releasing a number of the brand’s successful perfumes in an exclusive form.

The beginning of 2018 sees the return of Baiser de Russie, formerly known as Moscow, boasting a musky, fruity and floral scent that may or may not remind you of a quick stroll around the streets of Moscow. The new Guerlain scent, Baiser de Russie, is fresh and feminine and it’s inspired by the traditional Russian bohemian style.

The company’s iconic Bee 125 ml bottle was colored in aquatic green for this seductive fragrance and decorated with an emerald grosgrain ribbon. Speaking of which, the perfume features top notes of bergamot to evoke the traditional aromas of Russian tea, and plum and lemon touches, complemented by fresh, woody notes of pine needle that evoke the large foressts of Mother Russia.

We don’t know exactly how Russian women smell – it seems a too much of an intimate topic for this place. However, it’s safe to assume that this new Guerlain fragrance is on their wishlist, something that remains true for the rest of the world as well. What about you?

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