Celebrate the Lunar New Year at these restaurants

Chinese New Year 2019: Celebrate the Lunar New Year at these restaurants


Gather family, friends, or business associates and feast like no tomorrow at these fine Chinese restaurants.

Shang Palace

An exquisite selection of eight or seven course menus is featured this year at Shangri-La’s Shang Palace from Jan 21 to Feb 19. Specially crafted by its award-winning executive chef, Mok Kit Keung, these set menus feature an array of sumptuous delicacies.

Feast on premium delights such as braised whole abalone, and warm the stomach with the flavourful soup dish - bird’s nest with shredded chicken and fish maw in steaming pumpkin chicken broth. Other highlights include tender, sautéed scallops with lily bulbs and purple potato and brown fungus, as well as assorted vegetables with black truffle paste.

An a la carte menu is also available, featuring braised venison, Kagoshima wagyu beef and shrimp dumplings with caviar, just to name a few.

Chopsuey Cafe

Fill your stomachs with a scrumptious line-up from Chopsuey Cafe this Lunar New Year. Featuring a ten-course set menu boasting a remarkable yusheng with ingredients such as kale and blueberries, as well as dishes such as sweet chilli king prawns, fresh crab and sweet corn soup and wok flipped young bamboo shoots, one can expect nothing short of a feast.

Highlights of the menu are the jade Atlantic halibut fish (think tender white flesh that melts in the mouth, sitting on top of a bed of spinach, drenched in gravy and topped with spring onions and coriander), the sticky five spiced roast duck (garnished with cinnamon sticks, star anise and mandarin orange slices), as well as the hearty white pepper espresso pork ribs(crisp, succulent meat on the bone and flavoured to perfection). One can look forward to the dessert potion - soft rice balls stuffed with sweet black sesame swimming in piping hot ginger root tea.

In addition, Chopsuey has come up with their very own Chinese New Year cocktail - a playful little drink by the name of the Giggling Pig (with cognac, Cointreau and dehydrated strawberry).

The restaurant makes a perfect place for reunion dinners with its high ceilings, marble tables and elegant furnishings.

Man Fu Yuan

The executive chef of Man Fu Yuan, Eric Neo, and his team have come up with eight auspicious menus to usher in the year of the pig. Available from Jan 4 to Feb 19, the menus showcase restaurant signatures as well as perennial favourites alike.

Featured on the menu is a newly introduced 60-inch yusheng creation boasting ingredients such as abalone, Hokkaido scallops, salmon and crisp crackling pork, drizzled with apple sauce dressing. Those looking to indulge, and with good reason, can opt for the the eight-course menu, which includes the aforementioned yusheng platter, and other delicacies such as bird’s nest soup in pumpkin, braised five-head abalone with sea cucumber and flower mushrooms, and lobster egg noodles drenched in X.O. chili sauce. Seven more menus are available, featuring other culinary delights such as steamed garoupa, double-boiled chicken consommé and signature smoked duck.

Host luxurious reunions in private, elegantly decorated dining rooms, which can seat up to 40 guests, or enjoy more intimate celebrations in semi-private dining alcoves.

Cherry Garden

This restaurant boasts a selection of five different yushengs. From Alaskan crab meat with black caviar to vegetarian options, these platters are served with julienned Rosella fruit and a velvety spring onion sauce unique to Cherry Garden.

Cherry Garden has also pulled out all the stop on its luxurious Pen Cai dish, filling it with premium ingredients such as braised four-head abalone, lobsters, scallops, sea cucumbers, prawns, roasted duck, lotus chicken, and roasted pork belly, amongst other delicacies.

Decorated beautifully to bring about an elegant oriental ambience, Cherry Garden has four private dining rooms, the largest of which can accommodate up to 24 guests.

Min Jiang

Feast like a king this Chinese New Year over a slew of special savoury dishes centred around pork, on tangent with the year of the pig. Expect mouth-watering treats such as deep-fried pork knuckles with slow-baked honey butter ribs, slow-braised pig’s trotters, abalone and claypot sea treasures.

The restaurant boasts an elegantly furnished contemporary oriental appeal, and the muted colour scheme makes for a classy atmosphere. Those looking to host more intimate gatherings can do so in one of the six private dining rooms available.

Wan Hao

Lauded for its fine Cantonese cuisine, Wan Hao offers a selection of set menus and a la carte masterpieces fitting for a lavish celebratory banquet.

Feast on premium seafood such as five-head abalone, sea cucumber, tiger prawns and more. Grace the table with other delights such as bird’s nest, salmon and ginseng roast duck. Wan Hao’s yusheng offerings include options for seafood lovers (proffering ingredients such as lobster, sea urchin, Hokkaido scallops, salmon, tuna, crispy fish skin and caviar), as well as for those who do not favour raw food (think smoked duck and crispy fish skin). There is even a meatless option for vegetarians out there (featuring assorted fried mushrooms). What’s more, guests are pampered with a choice between the traditional yu sheng sauce or a zesty and refreshing kumquat sauce.

Ellenborough Market Cafe

Gather the family and eat to your heart’s content at Ellenborough Market Cafe’s prosperity buffet, lasting from Jan 18 to Feb 19 this year. Boasting a delectable spread of succulent roasts such as chicken, duck and pork belly, perennial Peranakan favourites - think ayam buah keluak (keluak nuts braised in spicy tamarind gravy, usually cooked with chicken), Nyonya chap chye (mixed vegetable stew), and babi pongteh (pork, braised till tender in garlicky soy bean paste) - and culinary treasures like Teochew-style steamed garoupa, braised dried oyster, black moss and other gastronomic delights.

Expect a live noodle station where the chef prepares hand-pulled ‘la mian’ noodles and, not to mention, buffet staples like seafood on ice, sushi and sashimi, as well as new year additions like drunken chicken and barbecued pork.

Those who have a sweet tooth can indulge in desserts like steamed nian gao with grated coconut, kueh dadar (pandan flavoured kueh filled with sweet grated coconut) and the restaurant's signature durian pengat (a smooth and creamy durian dessert).

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