Bamboo Long House Restaurant – BambuBuild

Bamboo Long House Restaurant – BambuBuild


Situated next to a river in the middle of Vietnam, Bamboo Long House Restaurant features a large boat-shaped roof, which is covered with forking fern truck, a local popular material for roofing. The building is completely open architecture, connecting to nature harmoniously. The main structure is built in a very simple way and takes advantage of the characteristics of bamboo.

Mainframe structure is made of bamboo and connected together by bamboo bolts and polyester rope lashing. All modular frame structure was prefabricated in the ground before erection to achieve accuracy and make high-speed construction, easy to construct. Bamboo frames have about 7- meter span, the cantilever roof is about 3 meters, creates semi-outdoor space between inside and outside.

Bamboo frame is arranged along the length of the building, the distance between 2 frames is 2 meters. The repeat performance of bamboo structure creates the rhythm of the interior space. Bamboo Long House Restaurant fully reflects the design principles of bamboo structure, bamboo should be protected from moisture, fungi, insect, worm:

+ Bamboo should be under the roof, out of the ground, water contact.

+ Open space, good ventilation in order to keep bamboo dry.

+ Wide overhanging roof.

+ Structure should be visible, it is easy to detect signs of damage, fungi or insect attack.


Source: ArchDaily

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