Oia Castle Luxury Suites, Greece

Oia Castle Luxury Boutique Hotel – Santorini’s most romantic hotel


Technically a fortress of the castle and not the castle itself, the Oia Luxury Boutique Hotel sits on the hillside overlooking the sea, and its breathtaking Santorini sunset.

Perched high on the volcanic island of Santorini, in the midst of the picturesque coast’s most famous traditional village stands the legendary Castle of Oia. Kapsimalis Architects, a local architectural outfit with talents, ETH, Zurich post-graduate Alexandros Kapsimalis and GSA, Glasgow Interior Design post-grad Marianna Kapsimali has converted the old, late 19th century residence into the Oia Castle luxury boutique hotel in the village of Oia in Santorini.

Technically a fortress of the castle and not the castle itself, the Oia Luxury Boutique Hotel sits below the hillside of its old medieval castle overlooking the sea, and its breathtaking, world famous Santorini sunset. Popularised by the i982 American romantic comedy, Summer Lovers, Alexandros and Marianna Kapsimalis played up the romance of Oia Castle luxury boutique hotel by preserving its original form and interior space, while cementing its integration in the landscape and village.

With suites and villas were recreated from the romantic past and combined with every modern day luxury, Kapsimalis Architects maximised use of local volcanic stone on key foundational pillars and walls; combined with the coal wooden frames and brown plaster facades, Santorini’s Luxury Boutique Hotel balances its light exteriors with a warm interior colour palette.

Each lavish detail at the luxury boutique hotel will delight you as you soak up the “Caldera” views, the Aegean sea and the dreamlike traditional traditional Santorini village, enhanced by the textures and aesthetic codes of its surrounds – from the palm tree which greets you at the entrance to the thymes and myriad of wind resistant plants native to the territory.

The Santorini luxury boutique hotel consists of three hotel rooms on the ground floor and two others on the second, each with their own terrace garden. At the top of Olia Castle sits a common lounge for guests of the boutique hotel. Olia hotel’s intimate honeymoon suites are a wonderful marriage of creativity and luxury. Thanks to the creative Kapsimalis duo, the former ground floor cave houses play with the contrasts of natural rock and the hand-crafted wooden furniture, conveying a neoclassical aesthetic to the Oia Castle luxury boutique hotel.


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