Life In Fabulous First Class

Life In Fabulous First Class


Personalized meals by lauded chefs, fine wines and even double bed – flying first class today is better than ever. Step aboard to see the seats and treats that await commercial airlines’ most valued guests.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines excited so-called av-geeks the world over when in November 2017 it unveiled new first-class suites.

Found about the carrier’s A380 aircraft, six 50sq ft suites combine to form the first-class cabin. Each features a standalone bed, a char upholstered in Poltrona Frau leather and masses of storage. Couples are in luck too: suites can be conjoined, creating a double bed in the process.

British Airways

British Airways' most exclusive first-class cabin is found on the carrier's Dreamliner 787-9 aircraft. The cabin accommodates just eight passengers (other BA aircraft hold 14 passengers in first class).

Each passenger suite features enhanced storage options and 23inch fixed-screen entertainment system. Passengers flying from certain airports will also have access to BA's elegant Concorde Room first-class lounges, with enhanced food and beverage options.

Etihad Residence

Etihad's Residence, a three-room suite aboard the Abu Dhabi airline's A380 aircraft, features a bedroom, lounge space and bathroom with shower.

Residence guests enjoy butler service throughout the flight and can avail of a dedicated concierge service to ensure every aspect of their trip goes perfectly.

Etihad Apartments

Etihad’s A380 flights also include a series of first-class “Apartments”. These private suites include personal minibars, Poltrona Frau leather seats, an 80-inch bed and exceptional dining option.

And like those privileged Residence guests, passengers flying from Abu Dhabi will also have the opportunity to relax in one of the world’s best first-class lounges prior to their journey.

Source: Telegraph

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