HUIXIN Retreats, China

HUIXIN Retreats / MAaP


Choosing the appropriate landscape key points, as well as concentrated investment in these, become the most important job of the site planning.

Starting from the parking lot, a long leading-in footpath and a mysterious greeting node form the foreground, the wide midfield landscape and the hotel with big terraces form an ardent middle landscape, and then to the SPA at the highest point of the mountain, all of those make the complete framework for the HUIXIN retreat. The winding mountain road in between provides a huge hinterland to accommodate a large number of hotel villas.

The main work of the landscape here is to design the sky-gardens and reduce mountain forest destruction as far as possible and to carry out rapidly retrieved green in the later stage.


The feature of construction in the mountain and the service streamline of the hotel give two axes of architecture design. This project has a graceful mountain shape and the bamboo sea in very good condition. Therefore, what we are going to do is to make this main landscape foreground come into play more than once by making use of multiple terrace-backward. The slope of the mountain provides a very good opportunity to realize it. With the use of the huge terraces, the man could have full communication with the environment, so that the hotel manager has more content can be implanted.

And each terrace of the guest room part is as large as a sky courtyard, which also provides many postures for guests to enjoy mountain views.

In terms of the streamline, we make use of the slope to solve three interlaced but non-interfering streamlines: service, mobility, and pedestrian streamline. So that these lines of the hotel are placed as a natural part of the terrace in the front elevation, and they themselves make scenery.


Because it is a hotel villa, realizing the living style which common residence cannot realize becomes the key point that we think about. In the end, the huge sky garden and the mountain swimming pool become the biggest characteristic of the villas.

Moreover, in terms of architectural design, we should guarantee a concise form and enough buildability as much as possible.

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