5 Luxury Treehouses Are Beyond Dreamy

These 5 Luxury Treehouses Are Beyond Dreamy—And You Can Sleep In Them


Sure, beach vacations and urban adventures are great, but we're making a case for treetop hideaways as the ultimate escape. When you want to spend more time outdoors and take a break from everyday life, there's nothing like being surrounded by the quiet stillness of nature under a canopy of trees. Plus, treehouse hotels, Airbnbs, private estates, and resorts happen to feature some of the coolest architecture and design around the world. Read on to learn about the 5 destination hotels in wooded areas and forests you should plan your next holiday around. Nature lovers and design enthusiasts, prepare for major wanderlust.

Arctic Treehouse Hotel, Finland

Located in the Arctic Circle, Arctic Treehouse Hotel is a beautiful blend of local Lappish traditions and modern Scandinavian design. You'll have sweeping views of the Lapland forest and, if the timing is right, the Northern Lights. It's the perfect place for design aficionados looking for a unique experience. Bonus: Santa's Village is within walking distance from the property, so if you want to get in the Christmas spirit all year long, you may end up wanting to move in.

Mahali Mzuri, Kenya

There's luxury camping, or "glamping," and then there's this. With 12 luxury tents overlooking acres and acres of game reserve and nestled within Kenya’s Maasai Mara reserve, Mahali Mzuri is truly incredible. Book your trip to sync up with the annual Great Wildebeest Migration if you can.

The Fox House, Tennessee

With natural light pouring through the windows and canopied by trees, this dreamy Airbnb retreat is the ideal place for a restful vacation. The interiors are understated, bohemian, and just as ethereal looking as the exteriors (wait until you see the canopy bed). And get this: It's just minutes from downtown Nashville. We see a staycation in one very lucky person's future.

Ritz-Calrton Langkowi, Malaysia

The Ritz-Calrton Langkowi is an oceanfront resort on the Malaysian island set in a tranquil private bay and surrounded by an ancient jungle. The suites were designed to reflect the beauty and vibrancy of the nearby traditional villages, which are known as Kampongs. Designed by Philippe Villeroux of Kuala Lumpur-based Tropical Area Architects, the resort has been carefully created to fully immerse travelers in the island’s natural ecosystem and local culture.

Primland, Virginia

With everything from archery, fly fishing, horseback riding, yoga, and water sports, Primland is basically summer camp for adults (though there are plenty of winter activities, too). It's the ideal destination when you're in need of leisure, luxury, and renewal in a remote mountain range. Not only are the grounds and panoramic lookouts of the Bleu Ride Mountains breathtaking, but the interiors reflect a sense of modern style, too. So if you like the idea of staying in a treehouse, but you know, not one that's actually rustic, you'll be into this option.

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