An Illustrated Guide To Contemporary American Culture

An Illustrated Guide To Contemporary American Culture


Andy Warhol’s work is suddenly all over New York, thanks to a massive new retrospective at the Whitney Museum, and another wave of declarations that the artist is, in fact, now more relevant than ever—due in large part to America’s reality-TV star turned president. This connection has not been lost on the artist Eric Yahnker. His new exhibition, “Factory Reset,” is both a nod to Warhol’s celebrity haven and a clarion call to reset American culture, the current state of which Yahnker describes as “mind-bending surreality come to life”—at least, “through the cracked lens of a 40-something, Jewish, West Coast progressive artist and political satirist.” His works, on view at the Hole, in New York, through December 23, are even more meme-like and uncomfortable than usual. His portrait of Ivanka Trump catching up on Fyodor Dostoevsky’s Crime and Punishment—more specifically, the CliffNotes version—is titled “Foreign Objects,” while his baby-faced take on Mark Zuckerberg, topped off with a blond helmet of hair, has been christened “Zump.” Take a closer look at each pop-culture puzzle, featuring the likes of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and a Jeff Koons balloon dog, here.


Source: Yahoo

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